ADVERT: Protect your business from card fraud for Christmas trading

2020 has been a miserable year for many. With a huge increase in online purchasing, a fortune has been lost to card fraud and digital payments will increase over the coming months.

Staff taking card payments whilst homeworking makes them vulnerable. Your income and reputation is at risk,

We can install SVLSecurepay in 48 hours, removing ALL risk from payments via phone calls, digital, social or video channels.

You will be PCI Compliant instantly, as well as reducing your processing and banking costs.

No installation fee. No contract.

Contact Debbie Bicker for a demo and installation details. Email or call her on 07584278919




Coronavirus has created a huge upsurge in digital and phone payments since March 2020.

We already know that retailers are predicted to lose some 130 billion dollars globally in digital; CNP (Card-not-present) fraud between 2018 and 2023.

We realise that the impact of Coronavirus will increase the volume of digital and phone payments to levels not seen before.

SVL SecurePay is a simple to deploy solution will immediately make your telephony payments PCI compliant whilst reducing bank charges and authenticating transactions, thus shifting liability for CNP fraud from your organisation to the acquiring Bank.

The many benefits of CNP transactions remain, but the sensitive card data will not enter the merchant environment and this will be an integral part of your digital transformation, allowing the customer to complete the transaction in their channel of choice.

SVL SecurePay is a cost-effective, omni-channel, cloud-based product that works whether you take payments in person, by phone, text, via social media or webchat on desktop or mobile devices. Another bonus is that this product is both acquirer and payment gateway agnostic.

Protect your business

  • SVL SecurePay mitigates the risk of fraud-related chargebacks associated with phone and omni-channel transactions (including video-chat) by sending a secure SMS and email hyperlink.
  • SVL SecurePay works with all major payment service providers and CNP transactions are secured by two factor authentication.
  • SecurePay’s unique technology processes the transaction in a PCI DSS compliant manner in a secure third party environment. This ensures that no card data enters your environment.
  • With the risk of ‘fraud related chargeback’ removed, you can deliver goods and services to an alternative third party address.
  • SVL SecurePay will reduce the scope of PCI DSS compliance, saving valuable time and money dealing with complex PCI requirements.
  • SVL SecurePay is a cloud-based solution, no time-consuming installation or new hardware is required.
  • SecurePay has a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service is also available to reduce initial expenditure.


Protect the Cardholder

  • You will maintain constant visibility of the payment journey, in both attended and unattended calls.
  • We handle CNP telephone transactions securely, sending the cardholder a secure SMS and email hyperlinks, no numbers will be heard, or customer voices recorded.
  • Customers will manually input their card information in a secure environment with a few simple clicks.
  • An ID authentication system will ensure that only the genuine card holder can process the transaction.

New requirements for authenticating online payments

SVL SecurePay eliminates fraud-related chargebacks with liability shifted back to the card-issuer, rather than your organisation.

As part of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), retailers must have a strong customer authentication system in place to provide additional security for clients using a credit card by 31 December 2020.

Experts say as many as 25 or 30% of transactions could be declined in the immediate aftermath of the switch to Strong Customer Authentication.


“The importance of fraud prevention has never been higher in today’s Contact Centre Industry. Aquarius will always protect their client data using the strongest possible measures and that is why we engaged with SVL to install their SecurePay product.
We will protect credit card payments we receive across all our channels and also, with our own staff’s security in mind, Aquarius will ensure none of our agents ever have access to card data that could leave them in a vulnerable situation.
I am delighted to work with SVL as our fraud prevention partner.”
Roddy Forfar- MD – Aquarius Contact Centres UK

COVID 19 Update September 2020 – Be wary of scammers

The National Security Cyber Centre has issued a fresh warning today that scammers will exploit contact centres using emergency processes to cope with staff shortages in increased volumes. There are almost 13 million compromised or stolen cards available on the dark web.

Please let us help.

We can install protection for your organisation and customers using SVL SecurePay instantly. It is quick to deploy and requires no integration, amendments to your telephony infrastructure or any purchase of expensive hardware.

Crucially, our Directors have agreed that we will offer this service with no minimum contract. Use our protection for as long, or short a period as you need.

If your contact centre agents are now homeworking , they can process transactions securely without sensitive card data entering their homeworking environment.

Please get in touch if this would be of interest to you. We’d be delighted to help.

SecurePay now covers video channels as well as telephone transactions.

Gala Technology, the brains behind SecurePay have announced that they have conducted a successful proof of concept by processing secure and PCI DSS compliant payments across numerous video meeting technologies, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and GoToMeeting in what is believed to be a world’s first.

Zoom are boasting that users have soared from 10 million daily meeting participants back in December to 300 million in April and rivals like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are also showing significant traction. Microsoft reported a 70% growth in the last month to 75 million daily users and recorded 200 million meeting participants in a single day in April.

Covering card payments taken over a video-chat function is vital and we are delighted that SecurePay now covers this channel.

Powered by SOTPAY

We provide this outstanding product in partnership with Gala Technology, the development team behind the multi award-winning secure payment solution SOTpay.

The cloud-based SOTpay platform gives you the flexibility to take secure payments via email, SMS, Electronic Invoice or even on Social Media channels, remaining in constant contact with the cardholder or simply receiving agent notifications when payments are completed.

In the last 12 months, SOTPay has won UK awards from PCI London, Call & Contact Centre Expo, UKCCF and became Best International CNP product at the CNP Awards.

Why Gala Tent created Gala Technology

We enclose the story of how Gala Tent, a small innovative UK manufacturing business, inspired by their own credit card losses due to eliminated chargebacks from payments taken in their telephony channel, built the globally recognised multi-award winning piece of technology they now share as SVL SecurePay.

Read the Gala Tent Synopsys here.

SecurePay awards and recognition

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