A top 10 bank’s customers were under-utilising self-service options

SVL as a Gold-Partner of NICE were invited by an enterprise client to help quickly solve a live problem that was hemorrhaging time and money

The problem
• Some agents were missing opportunities to promote existing self-service options to customers.
• There were barriers to customers utilising self-serve tools
• Some customers are calling regularly to perform transactions which are already available in self-service channels.

The need
• Identify the drivers of negative self-serve experiences.
• Identify self-serve agent promotions.
• Identify & quantify calls linked to key self-serviceable transaction types.

The outcome
• Target key agents for coaching and development activities around self-service promotion.
• Quantify any blockers to the uptake of self-service.

The methodology

Analyse Inbound Customer Services Calls over 5 week period.

  • Using Nexidia Query Development: Research language, build, validate and sign-off 10 Nexidia phonetic queries critical to this project.
  • Targeted Listening of calls where self-service was discussed but the call had a negative sentiment.
  • Develop Reporting to quantify & trend key call types associated with self-service.
  • Build Dashboards to showcase self-serve KPI’s and enable Agents to be supported in their conversations about self-service.


The analysis and savings

We shall aggregate specific numbers, but the savings are based on the following.

Instant results of these analytics by Nexidia determined that a focus towards Supervisors coaching an uplift in Self-Service promotion rates, given that this drives a proven conversion to increased customer self-serve activity, would provide instant results.

The Quality Control portal should also provide Supervisors (and Agents) with visibility of their self-service performance, and access to listen to calls of interest.

How does Nexidia achieve these outstanding results so quickly and effectively?

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