Unrivalled suite of Technologies

NICE offer and unrivalled suite of technologies that are at the cutting-edge of contact centre software. The quality of the product is globally renowned and SVL offer Enterprise clients, Blue Light organIsations, outsourced Contact Centres and business across over sector the very best systems design, installation, maintenance and training in NICE products.  

NICE Enterprise

SVL is a Gold Partner of NICE and has offered it’s Enterprise platform to large organisations since its inception.

From leading Banks and Financial Services providers to our Blue Lights, NICE and SVL have consistently supported and developed large Contact Centre’s using NICE ENterprise

NICE Robotic Process Optimisation 

The only solution that delivers both desktop (attended) and server-side (unattended) automations, so employees can focus on productivity – not processing.

You first have to know what can and should be automated. NICE automatically helps you to map employee activities and processes, identifying where automation is the key to immediate and long-term optimisation.

Robotic Automation seamlessly integrates with NICE’s leading solutions for analytics, workforce optimisation and case management, for maximum value and innovation.


The NICE Engage Platform

The NICE Engage Platform (or as more recently referred to NICE AIR & Engage), provides comprehensive omni–channel interaction recording.

NICE Engage also focuses on processes being completed in real-time rather than after the fact, by accessing data from multiple channels, ensuring constant availability of data through redundancy and leveraging powerful analytics.

NICE Quality Central 

A stand-alone solution that unifies quality programmes in a single application 

NICE Quality Central provides an holistic approach to quality management, ensuring that processes and the performance of agents align with business initiatives in the omni-channel enterprise. This enables customer interactions to be evaluated across multiple channels including telephone, email, SMS and social media, providing a comprehensive, end-to-end view of quality across the organisation. 

NICE Workforce Management Solutions

NICE Workforce Optimisation connects multiple systems to align employees around individual goals and performance data to increase productivity and improve revenue generation. Powerful real-time speech and text analytics guide interactions to enhance first call resolution rates and deliver the best experience for every customer. 

NICE Inform 

NICE Inform captures the full spectrum of multimedia interactions with synchronised post incident reconstructions giving 360 degree chronological, visual and audible histories of everything as it happened. 

NICE Compliance Centre

Consumer compliance requires accurate and timely communication with your customer, with real-time analysis and systematic interaction retrieval. 

In a high-pressure and dynamic contact centre, where sensitive customer information is shared every day, NICE Compliance can help you minimize the risk of costly regulatory breaches.​ 

Nexidia Analytics 

Nexidia is a NICE analytics company that provides powerful tools to help organise, analyse and operationalise omni-channel contact centre interactions. It generates business insights to improve service delivery and enhance customer engagement. 

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