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How to monitor for vulnerable customers using Speech Analytics in regulated contact centres

1. Record all customer interactions (the Golden Rule)

It probably goes without saying, but for all regulated industries, step 1 is to record and store ALL customer your interactions.2

2. Adopt appropriate technology

It is impractical for a human to listen to every call in a Contact Centre. Therefore, appropriate technology must be adopted.

The recent game-changer is the availability of recording platform agnostic software applications that allow automatic analysis of recorded audio.

No longer must organisations be limited to their existing suppliers to build their analytics capability (these are often limited or prohibitively expensive), nor will they be they forced to implement a new recording solution to support the desired analytics capability.

It is now possible to ingest any recorded audio either into a cloud or on-premise solution to provide structure to unstructured audio files, and then subsequently mine this data for language regarding vulnerability

3. Invest in ‘Software as a Service’

Don’t assume a large, up-front, investment is necessary to protect vulnerable customers.

This simple utilisation model allows easy access to Analytics for any size of organisation without the traditional capital outlay that has hindered the adoption of Speech Analytics in the past.

Appropriate processing in secure cloud environments also removes the need to provide a large infrastructure.

4. Analyse EVERY channel

All communication channels should be analysed in the same way to allow a complete understanding of the customer experience across all media (Voice, Chat, SMS, Email, Social).

Vulnerable customers can use any channel, indeed they may favour a non-verbal interaction, so record and analyse every interaction.

5. Demonstrate Compliance

Simple audit and reporting tools allow an organisation to demonstrate to their regulator that steps are being taken to ensure that customers are being treated fairly.

6. Protect and enable your staff

It’s not just about the technology.

By monitoring ALL interactions in this way, skills gaps can be eliminated from front-line staff, protecting staff members from undue stress and enabling them to deliver the appropriate level of support and service to valuable, if vulnerable, customers.

And the result of these actions.

Your organisation has protected its staff, customers and reputation whilst meeting regulatory demands with affordable, accessible proven technology.

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