SVL has supported Animal Friends Insurance to effectively implement Calabrio’s Workforce Management (WFM) system into their customer contact centre.

As a leading UK pet insurance company, Animal Friends needed a WFM system which would:

  • Minimise manual forecasting efforts.
  • Enhance tracking and monitoring of contact centre adherence.
  • Enable more real-time analytics and data insights.
  • Reduce wrap-up time on actionable activities following a customer call.
  • Improve overall average handling time (AVHT).

Together, our work has resulted in an approximate 10% increase in contact centre adherence which has also led to a rise in productivity.

Animal Friends’ Resource and Planning Manager, Neil Inder, and Real Time Analyst, Jack Smith, tell us more.

Intuitive Workforce Management

“We were initially drawn to Calabrio’s clear and easy to use platform, and after our first demonstration with SVL, it was evident that it would provide the business with a greater level of insights.

“As part of the platform implementation, SVL provided online training to the Resource and Planning team, dedicated build support, and optimisation and feature utilisation advice.

“Their ongoing support and regular check-ins have enabled the business and team to seamlessly adopt the Calabrio system into our daily processes.”

Real-Time Insights and Better Forecasting

“Calabrio allows us to see real-time insights, create longer-term schedules for team resource across our operational function and analyse data to a much deeper level.

“Day-to-day, Calabrio makes it easy for us to check that the right team members are in the right place at the right time for our customers.

“The WFM system is also great for creating in-depth forecasts that are more closely aligned to operational and seasonal trends, which we couldn’t do as easily before.”

Increase in Agent Productivity

“Prior to implementing the Calabrio WFM system, there was limited data available on how our contact centre agents optimised their time and skills. The new system allows us to see exactly where resource is utilised, and where it may be needed in future.

“Using Calabrio has helped us empower our agents to increase their productivity and give them a greater level of clarity on their working days and tasks weeks in advance.

“We’ve already improved adherence by 10% and we’re now exploring how to further reduce our hold times for customers to provide an even greater level of service.”

Clear Schedules and Responsibilities

“From an operational department perspective, the WFM system has provided more visibility and made it much easier to plan ahead.

“Our teams can now see their schedule for the month ahead, which has yielded an increase in agent engagement and satisfaction.

“With the support of SVL, we are currently considering how we can utilise more Calabrio features in the future to further improve and enhance our teams’ time and expertise.”

Looking for Valuable Insight into your Agents Adherence?

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