SVL has supported Charles Tyrwhitt since 2018. Together we’ve forged a trusted partnership.

As a forward-thinking company, Charles Tyrwhitt wanted to explore WFM solutions that would help them implement:

  • Efficient forecasting and scheduling
  • Better shift management
  • Utilised skillsets
  • Improved employee engagement

We identified Calabrio WFM as the solution that would best help them achieve their goals.

To find out more about the process and the benefits they’ve seen over the years, we caught up with Charles Tyrwhitt Workforce and Analytics Manager, Ian Webster.

A Partner to Help Solve our WFM Challenges

Prior to working with SVL, we were still doing our forecasting and scheduling in spreadsheets, which was very time consuming. We offer multi-channel customer service across several countries, so there’s a lot to consider.

SVL were able to put together a strong business case for the Calabrio WFM solution. The team were transparent and helpful from the start, and they helped us understand what could be achieved and where we may face limitations.

We loved the Calabrio solution, the expertise that the SVL team could offer and their collaborative approach. SVL felt like a partner rather than a software vendor, so we teamed up.

Transforming Workforce Management

Utilising Calabrio, alongside SVL’s in-depth expertise, we’ve been able to completely transform our workforce management operation.

Shift scheduling used to be a long, manual process for us but now Calabrio WFM drafts our schedules using the data it has on each of our employee’s availability.

This means our managers spend less time on scheduling admin and more time supporting their teams in more valuable ways like mentoring and training.

Historically as the process was so longwinded, many advisors would simply avoid asking for shift and break swaps, which wasn’t great for overall job satisfaction. The Calabrio WFM solution solves this and helps our people plan in advance as they can see schedules ahead of time.

Expert Knowledge

One thing we’ve appreciated over the years has been the SVL’s varied and in-depth expertise. The team have helped us optimise Calabrio WFM to suit our team’s special requirements and to utilise certain people’s skillsets.

Our operation is quite complex as we offer 18-hour availability, 7 days a week across the UK, USA, Australia and with reduced hours in Germany and France. Which all have varying peak operating times throughout the day.

We also have a number of bilingual advisors who can handle calls, chats and emails communication across England and France or England and Germany.

When we first implemented the new WFM solution, we found that it didn’t optimise as efficiently as it could have. It would default to the chat platform, and it wasn’t prioritising certain agent skillsets. Working closely with Richard and Chris, who spent time looking at the bigger picture, we were able to crack it and we’re now able to keep resource where it’s needed.

Their experience with the platform and wider understanding of contact centres, technology and efficiencies made such a difference. They took a consultative approach to how we could improve and better use the solution.

SVL support and service has been great throughout our 6 year partnership. The service desk are very quick to respond and there is always someone who can answer our queries along with making efficiency suggestions.

A Collaborative Approach

We’ve always felt like the team has had our back and over the years they’ve only ever wanted what was best for our business model.

SVL actively try to help us make further improvements with Calabrio based on the latest updates.

I look forward to and enjoy our catch ups, it’s never salesy or pushy, it’s very friendly, collaborative and enjoyable.

Looking for WFM Support?

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